Tirza Abb

Hi my name is Tirza. My nature name is Brilliant Butterfly. I am a Mentor for the Wild Wallabies (6-8 year olds)

Tirza Abb I first came to Australia 30 years ago via Israel and the UK, with a thirst for wide open spaces and nature.

I was lucky to meet someone who I REALLY travelled Australia with, going far off the beaten track into the bush and wilds on long, remote adventures. I walked the Songlines from Wallaga Lake to Sydney for a month with Aboriginal Elder, Gabu Ted Thomas, to demark the Bicentenial, eating bush tucker and learning about the indigenous culture.

My work outside of Brunswick Bush school includes being a self employed graphic designer, musician and teaching assistant as well as running workshops for adults and children in design software.

In my home time I like to do a lot of bushwalking, camping and vegetable gardening. Bush school and nature provide a balance to my screen life and the strengths I bring lie in the art and music side of things, using natural objects to create sound and vision. Also providing the kids with methods of relating to each other in a harmonious, inclusive way.