Brunswick Bush School is a Wilderness Awareness School based on the fast growing Wilderness Awareness Movement in the United States. Pioneered by such people as Tom Brown Junior who has written many books on Wilderness Survival, the most famous being 'The Tracker'. Other pioneers include Richard Louv who wrote the best selling book 'The Last Child in the Woods' and coined the phrase 'Nature Deficit Disorder'. Jon Young is another pioneer who has inspired many wilderness schools in the States and also published books on wilderness connection. All of these people have tapped in to a deep hunger in the population; a deep desire to re-connect with Nature. Many parents are very concerned about the disconnection of their children from their natural surrounds and wish to change the trajectory that society is sending them on. This is certainly what inspires us and why Brunswick Bush School was formed.

Kookaburra KultureBrunswick Bush School was formerly called Kookaburra Kuture Wilderness School and was formed in late 2013 by Mullumbimby person Ian Hamilton. Ian had spent time in the Sates and was a Teacher and Mentor at Two Coyotes' Wilderness School in Connecticut. Kookaburra Wilderness School started small but had a very devoted base of loyal children who absolutely loved the weekly meetups. Ian left the area in early 2015 to puruse his passion for the Outdoors in another form and generously passed the school over to Rohan Stewart to lead. The name was changed to Brunswick Bush School. Keeping much the same program and many of the existing Mentors the school has continued to offer a fun filled unique experience for children and parents seeking nature connection and to learn about their local environment. Some of the children have been coming for over four years and it continues to be the most exciting activity of the week! Ian continues to be a guiding inspiration for our program and for many of the children that still attend.

We at Brusnwick Bush School see this as a growing movement and wish to offer this type of program to all children and adults who wish to re-engage with their natural surrounds and connect with nature. We are looking at ways to work with local schools to offer exciting programs that connect kids with nature in playful and meaningful ways. Currently we are also  offering holiday programs.