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Hi Good Folk,

What a big time we have all been having of late! I hope everyone is managing to stay safe and sane in these tough times. With so much going on we think it is time to head to the safety of the bush for some grounding and healing earth time. Brunswick Bush School is back on these holidays offering our usual plethora of exciting and engaging activities for kids of all ages. We'll be learning about the safe use of fire, making and crafting flint and steels, nature journals and dream catchers, as well as our usual favourites; canoeing and fishing plus much more. The whole day is based outdoors giving your child a full day of wholesome and healthy fun in the sun!

Bruns Bush School is running two programs these holidays; the Wild Wallabies Holidays for kids aged 3-5 years (scroll down for more details) and the regular Bush School Holiday program for kids aged 6-12 years.

Click on the booking link adjacent to the day you wish to book in to and that will take you to our booking website.

Brunswick Bush School Winter Holidays Program July 2020 (for 6-12 years)

Session Time  
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6th July 2020

9:00 AM


Kite Making

These funky little kites are such a joy to make and an even bigger joy to fly! Constructed from simple materials and easyeasy to make we'll be making and decorating our kites and then heading to the beach to see them fly.


7th July 2020

9:00 AM

New Activity!

Bruns River Fishing Trip


We're going fishing! Grab your rod or bring your favourite reel and set off in a canoe for a fun day of fishing on the brunswick river.


8th July 2020

9:00 AM



Fire Making Kit day 1

Fire Making Kit Day 1. This fun two day course will teach responsible use of fire as we make our very own fire making kit. On day 1 we sew the pouch for the kit in preparation for filling it on day 2.

9th July 2020

9:00 AM


Fire Making Kit day 2

On Day 2 of our Fire making kit workshop we scour the bush to collect special items to put in our newly made kits. After we discuss safe fire use, we put into practice our newfound knowledge. Each kit comes with its very own flint and steel to take home*

 $5 surcharge for flint and steel



10th July 2020

9:00 AM

Canoeing Simpson’s Creek

One of our most popular activities, we spend the day on the beautiful Brunswick River, catching the incoming tide up the wild reaches of Simpson’s creek. We’ll be exploring rugged river banks and looking out for the myriad of birdlife that lives in the area.


13th July 2020

9:00 AM


Flint and Steel Making

An essential tool in any child's survival kit is the flint and steel. In this workshop we construct our own! Whittling a handle from silky oak,sanding it smooth, we then put it together for your very own survival tool that will give your child hours of fun and a lifetime of pride!

$5 surcharge for flint and steel





14th July 2020

9:00 AM


Dream Catchers

On this gentle day or crafting we learn about the Native American Indian tradition of dream catchers. We'll be making our own dream catchers using native vine and twine, adding our own feather and beads as we go for a special piece that will enhance your child's bedroom and dreams!

15th July 2020

9:00 AM


Canoeing Brunz To Mullum

The tides are perfect for a paddle up the main arm of the Brunswick River. Leaving Bruns we will follow the incoming tide up the river taking in bushland and wildlife along the way, stopping for a swim and taking a dive off our favourite tree rope swing!


16th July

2020 9:00 AM


Making Nature Journals

A Nature Journal is a great way to connect with nature. Today we make our own treasured book to bring with you on any bush adventure. You can fill it with doodles, observations, poetry,dreams, dried flowers, specimens and much more!


17th July 2020

9:00 AM



Knots and Shelters

Come on down for a practical lesson in knot tying. Today we learn several handy knots that have many uses in the bush. Then we will learn about different shelter styles and build our own cool shelters from materials we find in the bush.




All activities will run from 9-3pm and are based outdoors for the entire day. We meet outside the Brunswick Heads Surf Life Saving Club and then head into the bush (except for canoeing days. When canoeing we meet adjacent to the river. Notice will be sent via email where to meet).

The activities presented on any given day may change due to weather, numbers and other unforeseen circumstances. In the case of wet weather we set up basic tarp shelters. Each day is interspersed with games, sacred circles, 'sit spot' (nature meditation), a swim if weather permits and other nature connection activities.

Cost is $60* per day per child. Some activities incur a materials surcharge (this is listed in the description of the day in the table)10% discount for siblings.

Checkout or fb page here to see some of the fun stuff we get up to:

For more information contact Rohan on 0407898374

* There is a 50 cent booking fee for each booking made. 


Wild Wallabies Winter Holidays July 2020  (for 3-5 years)

Brunswick Bush School is excited to announce the Wild Wallabies Holiday program being offered these Winter holidays. Based on our popular term time program for children aged 3-5 years we spend the whole day outdoors (9-3pm) exploring, creating, playing and learning. Two mentors accompany the group (max 14 children). The cost is $60* for the day. Please click on the link next to the day you wish to book in and that will take you to our booking website.

The Holiday Wild Wallabies program provides a mix of structured and unstructured activities as we move through the bush accessing different ‘play’ spaces throughout the day. Gently led by two mentors the day consists of a variety of nature themed activities such as games, arts and crafts, meditative time, sharing circles, stories, exploring bushland, learning about the surrounding plants and animals, swimming in our kid friendly swim spot (weather permitting), climbing trees and free play. It's a fun day out which will ground and energise your child without over stimulating them.

Call Rohan on 0407898374 for more details.

* There is a 50 cent booking fee for each booking made.


Date Activity Booking Link

Monday 6th


Clay nests

Wednesday 8th


Long necked turtles

Friday 10th


Fishing Rods

Monday 13th


Paperbark Owls

Wednesday 15th


Nature Collage

Friday 17th











What are the costs?


Costs vary depending on the program you are enrolling in.

Our term time weekly Bush School (for 6-12 year olds) rate is $50 per week per child if you enrol for the whole term (usually ten weeks). $60 if you wish to be a casual.


The Bush Kindy (3-5 year olds) is $60 for the day or $70 if you wish to be a casual


The School Holiday Program is $60 per day.


There is a discount of 10% for siblings.


What age range is it for?

We have three programs running:

A Bush School for children aged 6-12 years (children outside this age range will be accepted on a case by case basis) and a A

Bush Kindy for children aged 3-5 years.

A School Holiday Program for children 6-12 years


What do you do if it is raining?

We generally head out for the day rain, hail or shine. Unless there is a category 4 cyclone off Brunswick Bar we still go out! Heading out in the rain is a great experience for the children. It builds resilience and endurance and teaches them new skills for staying warm and safe in wet weather- other children just love the chance to spend the day in the rain and mud! Just as importantly, they get to experience the bush in a different way, it is different when it is wet and you have to move and interact accordingly. We do have a tarp shelters we put up when it rains. The children help to construct their own shelter!

Do your Mentors have Working With Children Checks (WWC) and First Aid Certificates?

Yes, our Mentors all have Working With children Checks. Rohan also has a remote area First Aid Certificate. At least one mentor travelling with each group has a First Aid Certificate.

What if I need to contact my daughter or son urgently?

Our mentors always carry their mobile phones with them while they are out for the day. This is vital for our own communications. If you need to contact your child the best person to call is Rohan. Mentors phone numbers will be given to you upon enrolment.


Can I come out for the day with my child?

We don't generally encourage parents to accompany their older children when they come out for the day. Mainly because it can alter the interactions of the group and also effect the way the new child integrates with the group. We do allow a parent to settle their child in for a few hours in the morning if the child (or they!) are feeling anxious.

Exceptions are made for the Bush Kindy, parents are welcome to spend the day with their child to make sure they are feeling safe and settled.


 Do you have Insurance?

Yes we do. We have public liability cover for up to $10 000 000 with Sportscover.


My Child has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, Autism or ADHD can they attend?

Children on the spectrum have special needs. Through past experience we have found that it can be a challenge to meet the needs of these children when combined with the group. We would love for these children to attend Bush School as we believe it is such a healthy and healing experience, but the reality is that we do need all children that attend Bush School to be able to self regulate, we simply don't have the resources and skills to meet the needs of some of these children, and the program isn't designed for children with special needs. However, if you have a daughter or son that you think would like to come along and would be able to be a part of the program, talk to us and we will discuss it. As a minimum, we ask that you escort your child for a minimum of two weeks to support them integrating into the group. We will re-assess with you after this time and make a decision as to whether it is in the best interests of all concerned for them to continue. 


How do I pay?

Payment can be made electronically via bank deposit or in cash. Payments can be made in one lump sum or 2-3 payments over the term can be arranged. We avoid dealing with cash on the day as we have lots of families we are dealing with and small amounts of cash can easily go missing. Please see the Holiday Program tab for information about payments for the Holiday Program.


Tell me about your mentors? 

Our mentors are highly skilled, trained and passionate guides. Which mentors we have coming out with us changes depending on the program we are running and their availability. Many have outdoor recreation qualifications, others have on the job experience or are trained teachers in their field.


I am concerned about my child going swimming, can you tell me more about what that entails?

We have access to the beautiful Brunswick River and also the ocean. The children love swimming and it is a fantastic part of the program, but we also realise there are risks involved. We have compiled a swim safe policy to ensure that any swimming activity is as safe as can be. Please ask Rohan to view this policy. The main points are as follows:

Generally we will swim in a shallow safe section of the Brunswick River.

Sometimes- rarely, we do swim in the ocean. The decision to enter the ocean is carefully made on the day given local and real time conditions of surf, wind, wave activity, currents and tides, numbers of children etc…

Children are given clear boundaries on where to swim.

The Mentor is the furthest person out and no one is to go past the mentor.

There is a Mentor at the water’s edge also watching the children.

There is a policy of ‘No deeper than my thigh’


I am concerned about snakes and ticks and other dangerous animals. Please allay my fears!!

The Australian bush certainly has animals and insects that are either deadly poisonous or want a piece of you! There are snakes, ticks and other dangerous animals present on the land we walk upon and thankfully, most of the time, they are happy going about their business and will go out of their way to avoid human contact long before we are aware of them (think a bunch of noisy excited kids tromping through the bush is enough to scare anyone!!). We encourage children to be aware and sensible in the bush and we regularly warn them of the presence of snakes in the warmer weather; how to approach them should they see them and what to do in the unlikely event they get bitten. All our mentors know about snake bite first aid and carry specialised snake bite bandages. As mentioned above, we carry mobile phones should a quick evacuation be necessary. Ticks and snakes are particularly active in the warmer months. We also remind children to do regular tick sweeps of their bodies and we carry tweezers with us for safe and quick removal. This is a risk inherent in a program of this nature but with awareness, care and education we are able to minimise the risks.


Do you run programs in schools? 

We have worked with schools before and are very keen to see this work spread. If you would like advice or are keen to partner with us in providing nature connection within your school or organisation contact Rohan for a chin wag.



We are on Facebook. To see up to date information and pictures of what we have been up to check us out here:




Brunswick Bush School

Brunswick Bush School offers a variety of Nature Connection Programs for children and young adults.

All current programs run out of Bushland at Brunswick Heads from 9-3pm


On Thursdays during term time we run our Bush School for kids aged 6-12 


On Fridays during term time we run a Bush Kindy for children aged 3-5 


During school holidays we run our school holiday program for children aged 6-12 (for more details see the holiday program tab)


If you have a program you would like us to run, or you are in another location, we can also come to you. Contact Rohan for more infromation.


Listen to a podcast section about Bruns Bush School


Bruns Bush School featured on Spreaker Radio


We meet behind the Brunswick Surf Life Saving Club, on the lawn.



Directions from Gold Coast

  • Follow Pacific Motorway/M1 South to Tweed Valley Way in Billinudgel. Take exit Brunswick Valley Way from Pacific Motorway/M1
  • Merge onto Pacific Motorway/M1
  • Entering New South Wales
  • Take exit Brunswick Valley Way toward Brunswick Valley Way/Billinudgel/Ocean Shores/Tourist Drive 40
  • Take Brunswick Valley Way to S Beach Rd in Brunswick Heads
  • At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Tweed Valley Way
  • Turn right onto Brunswick Valley Way
  • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Brunswick Valley Way
  • At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Old Pacific Hwy
  • Turn left onto Mullumbimbi St
  • Turn left onto S Beach Rd
  • Destination will be on the left


Directions from Byron Bay

  • Follow Pacific Motorway/M1 North, signs for Tweed Heads/Brisbane
  • Take the Gulgan Road exit toward Brunswick Heads/Mullumbimby
  • Take Old Pacific Hwy to S Beach Rd
  • At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Gulgan Rd
  • At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Old Pacific Hwy
  • Turn right onto Mullumbimbi St
  • Turn left onto S Beach Rd
  • Destination will be on the left